Interesting Facts About India

Facts about India

India is one of the larger countries in the world (7th largest to be exact), but most of us don’t know much about it. We really should though as the country has a very interesting history and noteworthy facts. We think that you will be surprised with a few of these, so here are some fact highlights:

War History

India has never invaded a single country in its entire history. There aren’t too many large countries who can make the same claim. We think that this is pretty special.

Obesity Epidemic

Obesity never used to be much of an issue in India, however, since westernized foods have become more obtainable the weight issues have increased and so has the amount of health issues.

The Home Of Chess

A long long time ago chess was invented and India is where it was created. Its origins date back to the 6th century AD.

Post Offices

An interesting fact is that India has the most amount of post offices in the world, greater than any other country.


Believe it or not, but the world’s first University was established in India. Established in 700BC, this University offered 60 subjects and attracted students from all over the world. This is a very impressive feat!


India is a large miner of diamonds and up until 1896, it was the only diamond miner in the world.


Yoga first originated in India. Yoga has now been in existence for approximately 5,000 years!


Some Random Things In India

During my time in India, I noticed quite a few very different things to what I am used to. There were quite a few not really worth mentioning and some that are. Some of the really interesting random things that I learnt about India are:

More Than Our 4 Seasons

For most of us we only have four seasons in one year – Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. But according to India’s Hindu calendar, they actually have six seasons. They are spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, winter, and prevernal. I have never heard of another country having more than four seasons. Interesting!


I don’t know exactly how it’s possible, but the whole time while I was in India I didn’t really notice any obese people there. After doing a bit of research, there is meant to be a developing issue of obesity but I certainly didn’t notice one. I also saw that the obesity rates in India were far lower than developed countries. Perhaps they have more advanced weight loss products or methods here? Who really knows?

It’s Illegal To Take Indian Money Out Of India

I almost learnt this the hard way, but it is actually illegal to take Indian money (Rupees) out of India. So if you travel to India, make sure you either spend your last Rupees or exchange them back to your preferred currency before leaving India.

Pollution In The Major Cities

If you ever visit one of the major cities in India, you will notice straight away how poor the air quality is due to all the pollution. I definitely found it quite difficult to breathe but I am sure you would get used to it after a while. I have actually heard that being in Mumbai for just one day is similar to smoking 100 cigarettes. That’s how bad it actually is.

The Current Obsession In India With Lighter Skin – Part 1

file000753288887There is currently a craze in India and has been happening for a couple of years now. What is this craze? People trying to lighten their skin. You may ask how on earth would they be able to lighten their skin?

Well there are actually shower gel products out there that are used in your everyday shower and contain ingredients to actually lighten the skin. Now I know what you’re thinking because I am thinking the same thing. This must be bad for us.

If I was a betting person I would bet it is doing some pretty nasty things to those who are using it. But the fact of the matter is that there hasn’t really been enough research (that I have seen at least) to make a proper conclusion if it’s really bad for consumers or not. If I was thinking of using it, I would definitely wait until the proper independent research was conducted to make sure it’s actually safe to use.

It is a shame that these products have reached India’s shores as people there generally have really nice skin. So often very healthy looking and less susceptible to stretchmarks and other imperfections. I haven’t seen any new studies with the effects of these products are having on the skin and body. Are they causing cancer? Making stretchmarks more prominent?

One thing for sure, people in India with lighter skin are sought after. Seems like all the advertising there features very light looking Indians which is further exacerbating the issue. Think of the poor kids who will be wondering why they are so much darker than their parents and many other people around. The chances are they will want to get their hands on some of this shower gel as early as possible. In the meantime, while this is happening in India, darker skinned Indians are being sought after overseas for modeling contracts and TV appearances. Very strange situation it is.


Physical Differences Between The People Of India And United States


In my travels in India, there were several thing that I noticed about the Indian people and how they differed from us back in the US. And I am not talking about cultural differences, there were plenty of them but that is a story for another day. There were several physical features that I noticed were different, some of them are pretty obvious and a couple may be a little more questionable. But these were just my observations.

Skin Color

The most obvious difference between people from India and the US is the skin color. Their color is far browner but there is an obsession in India where everyone wants really white skin. So they try all these things to get whiter skin whereas people in western countries usually want a nice and dark tan. It’s funny that we always seem to want what we don’t have. Ever wondered why people have such different color skins? It’s because of the different levels of melanin production in our bodies. All races have approximately the same number of melanocytes, or melanin-making cells, but they differ in how actively the cells make melanin. There’s your fun fact for the day.

Facial Features

Aside from the color of skin, Indians generally have a flatter nose and larger eyes then Americans. They can also have wider faces and often straight hair. Indians can sometimes be mistaken for Persians


I am a reasonably tall person standing at 6 foot 2 inches, but I don’t feel tall in the US. But when I traveled in India, I towered above what seemed to be absolutely everyone. Don’t get me wrong, there were some taller people there and I saw several about the same size as me, but as a whole, people seemed to be a lot shorter.

Size Of Breasts

Bit of a strange one and not sure if it was just me, but do the women of India have smaller breasts then those in America? There were very small bust sizes everywhere I looked except for a few that I saw which obviously had some kind of cosmetic surgery to enlarge their breasts. Maybe I was not looking in the right places or maybe I am right. Who knows really?

The Obsession In India With Lighter Skin – Part 2, The Dangers


In a previous post, I was talking about how it is becoming very popular in India for people to whiten their skin. People are trying anything and everything, including not even seeing the sun anymore to keep their skin as white as possible. But some of the methods to get lighter skin used are actually very dangerous and I think that people need to know more about these products. So if you are interested in trying to lighten your skin, keep reading…

There are 2 main ways how to lighten your skin. The safer natural way and the harsh and dangerous chemical way. So what are they?


In most cases this option is not a very safe option. Think about when you are doing laundry or cleaning your toilet. You use bleach and usually wear gloves to accompany it as it is really bad for your skin. Similar story for the bleaches people use to whiten their skin in India. Even if you don’t see any damage right away, you are likely to see skin damage after extended use. And I don’t know about you, but the thought of using bleach to whiten my skin scares me.

Natural Creams

So the second option is a far safer option. As long as you choose a cream with natural ingredients. There are plenty of creams out there with unsafe and harsh ingredients and I believe that they should be avoided. I would always want to choose a product that contains natural ingredients to lighten your skin. That way you know that you are not doing major damage to yourself while still getting lighter skin. If that is your sort of thing.

There you have it. Some different ways to lighten your skin if you must. I felt I needed to post this second part of the story to give a full perspective.

If you have any concerns or if you are thinking of using a skin lighting cream, I strongly recommend that you see your doctor first to make sure they are a good fit for you.

Parenting Styles In India

Blog IndiaWe all know that parenting styles vary greatly in each culture. I assume that each culture think that they have the best style, but who really know for sure?

This is definitely not a complete list of differences, but it is the differences that we saw on our travels in India.


In the west, disciplining a child by smacking their bottom or using a stick/cane is generally very frowned upon. And the thought of a teacher hitting a child, they would be terminated from their job and probably face some sort of criminal charges. Even the law favors children, handing out different and much more lenient sentences when compared with adults. But in India, the parents are always considered to be right and they may actually hit a child if it is misbehaving. Even teachers can actually strike children if they do not complete their homework or misbehave. A very different world.


Diapers are also a different story in India. Not so much in the larger cities of India, but in the smaller towns I did notice that there weren’t many diapers around. Here in the west, we use disposable diapers or cloth diapers whereas many of the kids there simply use their underpants as a diaper. Or they use some sort of homemade cloth diapers in which I have my doubts if they could actually hold anything.

Wounds Can Become Easily Infected

Here in America, we tend not to worry so much about little scrapes on our children. We let our children play in the yard or even the street without a worry. And if they do get injured, they heal really quickly. But in India, there is a much higher risk of infection, so when a child gets a scrape, their injuries are tended to so they don’t get worse. It was quite surprising to see how much effort was put into taking care of these wounds.

Foods That Are Uncommon In India

Uncommon Foods In India

When we traveled to India we expected not to see many things especially in the food industry. We expected McDonald’s but not too many other western fast food chains. But we also saw Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks (not quite fast food). So it almost became a game of what foods are not in India. Here is a list of a few that we couldn’t find:

Wendy’s Fast Food

We didn’t see Wendy’s here in India which was a relief. There already is enough fast food here that they don’t need anymore. However, I did a little digging around on this topic and it looks like Wendy’s is on its way to India, but it just hasn’t gotten there yet.

Dairy Queen

Here is another major fast food company not in India. But unfortunately again, Dairy Queen has plans to expand into India shortly. Well at least they will be able to have delicious ice cream cake, not sure about the rest of the food though.

Protein Bars

This is one that I actually would have liked to have seen in India. I do enjoy eating protein bars especially on the go but couldn’t seem to find them anywhere. They could be there somewhere but we certainly didn’t see any.

Meat Pies

Another one we would have loved to have seen. Sometimes I get some major cravings for meat pies but I couldn’t find one appetizing enough to satisfy my cravings. Oh well, maybe one day…

Jack In The Box

Finally, we certainly didn’t see Jack In The Box fast food chain in India – thank you! We are not fans of Jack In The Box so we were happy not to see them there. Also, it looks like at the moment that Jack In The Box does not have any plans yet to head to India. We will see how they go.